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20 minute session

We will discuss:

  • You long to engage with the earth-honoring wisdom of your ancestors and embody their ancestral gifts

  • You have trans-generational trauma in your lineages and are unsure how to break the cycle of familial toxins

  • You want to ensure that ancestral burdens cease causing harm to you, your living family, and the collective of humans and other-than-humans

  • You have a desire to connect with your ancestors from a non-dogmatic and non-appropriative framework

  • You want to deepen your skills in ritual, intuition, and embodied practice

  • You want to ensure the work you offer to others is rooted in the spiritual guidance of your ancestors

  • You desire a way to engage in cultural healing that is anchored in kindness and the pro-active celebration of ancestral diversity ancestral healing sessions.  

Please schedule your free session online or call or send an email.

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