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You long to engage with the earth-honoring wisdom of your ancestors and embody their ancestral gifts

You have trans-generational trauma in your lineages and are unsure how to break the cycle of familial toxins

You want to ensure that ancestral burdens cease causing harm to you, your living family, and the collective of humans and other-than-humans

You have a desire to connect with your ancestors from a non-dogmatic and non-appropriative framework

You want to deepen your skills in ritual, intuition, and embodied practice

You want to ensure the work you offer to others is rooted in the spiritual guidance of your ancestors


You desire a way to engage in cultural healing that is anchored in kindness and the pro-active celebration of ancestral diversity ancestral healing sessions.  

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     "I was guided to the Ancestral Medicine course offered by Dr Daniel Foor, when I saw a post on Facebook, I really felt called, as I have been trying to connect deeper to my Ancestors for years, and I did not know who they were. When I started the course, it became very apparent early on, that I needed help, and took advantage of the 1 – 1 support offered from the Ancestral medicine practitioners.

     As I am not currently working, the website offered an opportunity to apply for assistance to work with a practitioner at a reduced rate, my heart leaped, as this is something I really wanted to do, and I was now in a position to afford it, and was I jumped at the opportunity.

I was introduced to Gita Thandika, and weekly meetings was agreed.

Just a note prior to stating the 1-1 ancestral work, In the physical I only knew my mother’s father, my grandfather, all other grandparents passed away before I was born.  In the spiritual planes I only knew my Grandmothers that is my mothers mothers, as they have always been in my life.

     I felt Gita held space for me and allowed me to achieve my goals of connecting with,

working with my four lineages. 

     On two occasions while journeying I found myself in positions, like a block, and through the gentle words and guidance from Gita, I was able to navigate out of the situation,

I could not have done this journey on my own.

     During our sessions, many things came up, past issues I had not dealt with, kept coming up week after week, many shifts took place. I looked forward to our weekly meetings, as in the beginning of each session, Gita allowed me to talk while she listened, (this was great for me, I felt safe and free to open up) finally I had someone to share my journey with, Gita did not judge, ( I have had some pretty bad experiences) instead she listened and offered guidance, it felt like I was talking to a elder a grandmother. 

     So many times I cried during this journey (tears of joy) especially when I met my fathers lineage, my grandmothers and grandfathers…there was so many things I was shown…

and I realised they were with me all the time, I just did not know it.

     Surprisingly two of my lines, did not show up in human form at all, at one point, when I called them fourth, I saw Black Jaguars/Panther lying at a tree, as Gita was guiding me with her words, I wondered to myself what kind of tree is that, as I had the thought, the name of the tree was spelt out for me in my mind Iroko tree, and I sounded it out while Gita was recording what I was experiencing on the journey, I had never heard of this tree before….as soon as the journey was over, I looked up the name given….It is actually a tree in Africa…… oohhhh mmyyy.

      Each week after meeting with Gita, she would forward a written report for me, which she had recorded the journey she had guided me on, this was extremely helpful, it gave me the opportunity to be 100 % concentrated on the journey. In the report Gita offered some guidance and links to more information of things that had come up during the session, as well as giving homework, to follow up with. Very useful, especially for reflection.

     Gita thank you…. these words, not enough but I give so much thanks for you, as I met my ancestors, the journey has empowered me, given me roots, which then gave me confidence. I am speaking up more. 

     While I was living in Jamaica, an elder shared this with me, The honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey once said “ a people without its roots is like a tree without roots” very powerful, this is what it feels like not knowing my ancestors….a tree without roots. 

So, thank you very much Gita for your guidance and wisdom, for the laughter and the tears.

I now have roots."


Linda Thomas 

Nana Kutubuwa

(The Mothers Blessings)

     "Gita Thandika came into my life at the most synchronous time. The loss of my father, reconciling and healing from generations of colonialism and racial trauma, and the social isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gita created a ritually-safe container in which to build relationships with my bright and loving ancestors who have been lovingly ready and eager to take on the work of healing and supporting me and the rest of my family. This container helped me to off-load and metabolize heavy energies and make room for more healing medicines, gifts, and strengths. I am most appreciative of the warm, steady, and embodied presence she brought to the work."


Orson Morrison. Current home: Checagou region (Chicago, IL). Ancestry: South-Africa (South- & Central Africa, Indonesian Archipelego, Central Europe, South Asia) and Guyana (West-Africa, Britain, Portugal, Indigenous South America).

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