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Image by Pratiksha Mohanty
Image by Pratiksha Mohanty
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Gita is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, a graduate from the California College of Ayurveda.  She is also a Pancha Karma Specialist (PKS). Gita Devi has completed both the Sivananda Yoga Teachers Training and Advanced Yoga Teachers Training and has integrated her yoga knowledge with her Ayurveda practice.  She has been practicing and teaching Ayurveda and Yoga for the past 15 years and has focused on the integration of Ayurveda and Yoga since then.

Gita is also a Master Reiki Teacher and ElectroMagnetic Balancing Technique teacher and practitioner (EMF). She holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Management (BA).

Gita Devi began her Ayurvedic studies in Kerala, India 2000.  She later traveled to the US where she continued her studies with the California College of Ayurveda.  She graduated as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist in 2005.  In that same year she opened a successful Ayurveda practice in San Francisco, called the Ayurveda Rejuvenation Center at the Sivananda Yoga Center.

Mission of Ayurveda Ananda

To provide the highest quality of Ayurvedic Care using both ancient wisdom and modern therapies ensuring our customers receive the best service in a safe and caring environment. By tapping into profound and deep levels physically, emotionally and spiritually, we restore balance, harmony, meaning and purpose to clients providing support on their journey towards optimal health.



Based on your health history, a customized program that is designed to achieve optimized health and balance.


 During your consultation you'll be educated on Ayurvedic principles as they apply to your specific needs and condition. Gita will conduct an in-depth assessment of pulse, tongue, skin, nails, etc and evaluate imbalances of the mind and body. 

Please schedule your free session on 'My Services' page or call or send an email.


"This is an amazingly whole system experience!! My body, mind, emotional body, and spirit are cleansed and nourished!! I’m looking forward to my next treatment!! Thank you, Gita, for your amazingly wise ways!!"

Mimi Cezanne S.


"Working with Gita has been transformational and a true delight. I dropped ten pounds in 2 months and let go of some deeply ingrained habits that weren’t serving me. I learned about my Ayurvedic constitution, ate well and loved the food, deepened my yoga and meditation practice, and thoroughly enjoyed the bliss treatments I received weekly. We are so fortunate to have Gita Devi here in Mendocino County!"

Cheryl J.


"I have known Gita For about 10 years. Upon meeting her I felt an instant connection. I now call her my “Spirit Mama.” She has brought me wonderful insights and healing. There have been many serendipitous synchronicities between us, all confirmation from the universe that we are in alignment.

We first met when I sought ayurvedic treatment after having 2 miscarriages.
Within 6 months of seeing her I became pregnant. She told me I was meant to deal with a lot of masculine energy in this lifetime. She could have derived this from my past. 
However, when she told me this, I had one son, I now have 5! During treatments, I had various experiences ranging from release to elation. And increased vibration to the point I thought my body would release my spirit before I knew how to handle the up-shift in vibrations.


Gita is the most kind, accepting, and Loving person I know. She is also skilled and intuitive, bringing a one-two punch to our greatest challenges. She is gentle when conveying hard truths of the shadow self and she wonderfully holds space for one to come into their own light.

If you need healing of any kind; physical, mental or emotional, Gita will be the greatest support for you. If you’re on her website, you found her for a reason. Don’t let her go!"


Peace, Love and Blessings to all who read!

In Eternal Gratitude,



“Upon meeting Ms Gita Devi, I felt an immediate connection to her bright and wonderful spirit. Undeniable is Gita’s enthusiasm and passion for life. She is a shining light, with an irresistible charisma, and compelling personality….Gita’s empathy for her clients and her vast breadth of experience, culminate to create heart-centered and practical healing for all whom she serves."

— Jef A.

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